The Clove Hitch

The Clove Hitch

One of the Must-Know Climbing Knots

clove hitch climbing knot on carabiner

The One-Handed Clove Hitch is one of the most critical knots to know after a figure eight.  It’s used most frequently to quickly secure yourself to an anchor.

Learn to tie a clove hitch with one hand! This is how you will use it most often, when reaching an anchor on a multipitch.

  1. Clip the rope into a carabiner. It should pass from the trailing end up through the back of the carabiner and out the front towards your harness. 
  2. Turn your hand thumb down and reach across the front of the rope and grab the trailing end. Pull it across the front part, twist your hand thumb upwards again, and clip the rope into the carabiner a second time. 
  3. Pull it tight and that’s it. 
The video below from REI explains it even better.