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My “arthritis” medicine for climbing – Benzl Nicotinate

My “arthritis” medicine for climbing – Benzl Nicotinate

After visiting an orthopedist a month or so ago, he determined that I had no tears or other obvious problems that would explain my finger pain. For reference, I was experiencing pain on the sides of the first joint (first down from fingertips) of my middle 3 fingers on each hand. Wasn’t always every one at once, sometimes just one finger or so, and never a constant thing. Only came about when bouldering and doing small crimps and slopers. The doc gave me Pernionin to try out, which is an arthritis medicine that you poor into a bowl of water and soak your hands in to increase blood flow. The active ingredient isĀ  benzyl nicotinate which makes me things it’s like cigarettes for my hand.

I haven’t heard about it in any climbing forums or websites but so far it’s worked well. Of course, I’ve tried to rest a bit and not do much hard climbing, but even after several hours of intensive bouldering, no pain at all. Here’s hoping it works. After a few more times I’ll have a better idea.



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