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New Dead Hang Best

New Dead Hang Best

While my regular gym runs the July fitness challenge for best dead hang time, I’m hoping to either win or at least see what my best time is. Last time I hit third place with 1min 50 seconds which dropped to 5th since then. Yesterday I gave it another go and hit 2 minutes 24 seconds, putting me in 2nd place. Yet, shockingly first is still 2:44.

The requirements are palms out, a bit broader than shoulder width apart, fairly simple. I’ve been doing it bare handed and my point of failure ends up being hand pain, not actually muscles or tendons giving. Surprisingly, using gloves is allowed so I may give that a shot next time. May be against climbing rules though =)

Hangtime Challenge at my local (regular) gym

Hangtime Challenge at my local (regular) gym

Since I can’t get to the climbing gym as often as I’d like, I also go to a “regular” gym on my lunch breaks 3-4 times a week. Every month they have some fitness challenge and until now I’ve never imagined myself having a change. But this month it’s hangtime! That’s right, just hanging, palms facing away as long as possible.

My first try was 1 minute 50 seconds but I’m sure I can make it longer.

The current leader is at 2 minutes 6 seconds and second place at 1 minute 55 seconds. Will try a few more times as the month goes on.

What’s your best time for a dead hang?

Gym Review: Griffwerk Ludwigburg

Gym Review: Griffwerk Ludwigburg

Since opening less than a year ago just north of Stuttgart, I had yet to make it to Griffwerk, a brand new climbing gym. With temps well below zero degrees today and the kids looking for something new, we finally decided to head over.

Griffwerk Kletterhalle
Fuchshofstra├če 66
71638 Ludwigsburg

Griffwerk Ludwigsburg at the Sportzentrum Ost

For anyone in the Stuttgart area, Griffwerk is well worth visiting, regardless of whether it’s the one nearest to you or not. It was finished less than a year ago and still has plenty of new gym shine and smell. There are two large bouldering areas with plenty of space and wall types as well as a nice central climbing area for roped climbs. Upstairs, there are two further roped climbing areas slightly shorter, perhaps 12 or 15 meters and mostly aimed at beginners and courses.

All routes are well labeled and even available in the Vertical Life app though I can’t comment on how useful that actually is. I have a few digital guidebooks in the app but have yet to use them.

Griffwerk Kids Area

The kids area is downright great. It’s not huge, but features both a little playhouse type thing with slide, climbing walls but also drawing, books and toys. For those with kids, climbing onyl kids areas can get old quick, especially if you’re off climbing yourself and the kids are there alone or with one parent. This offers more options so it’s a better rounded play area with plenty of activities to switch too when they get board.


Like all German gyms, they have a little cafe and serve food, caffeinated drinks and of course alcoholic ones too. Prices are reasonable and there are nice new couches and several tables to chill at with a good view of the action.

The lockers are spacious and operated by a little electronic key fob you get when checking in. You can also charge food and drinks to it to avoid carrying cash, and then pay when you leave. It’s much nicer than always having to remember to have a 1 or 2 EUR coin as with many other places. The bathrooms are separate from the locker rooms which is also practical.

I can’tc comment much on the outside area as it was -3C and I just ran out to see it and take some quick photos. It’s fairly sizable and made of the gym’s outer wall. Will definitely want to try it in summer. I had the impression construction wasn’t complete and am not sure whether more is coming nearby.

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