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Aussichtsfels Visit – Two multipitch Routes and Beautiful Fall Weather

Aussichtsfels Visit – Two multipitch Routes and Beautiful Fall Weather

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After a long break from climbing and exercise, the perfect circumstances materialized and I had a full day off to climb. The confluence of perfect fall weather, dry conditions, a friend willing to drive and my family schedule meant one thing: Donautal!

We met in Vaihingen at 07:30 and started off on the 1.5 hr trip armed with coffee and brezeln. We arrived at Aussichtsfels and were the second group there. The weather was still cool as the sun wasn’t yet high enough to hit the valley yet. It was the typical problem of being cold now and perfect later, or warm now and then too hot later.

The route we’d wanted to warm up on was occupied so we headed for Baumlesweg, another easy two pitch route. Despite the very polished start, it turned out to be a fun route. The belay was a bit cramped but offered wonderful views. We topped out and since we didn’t have a 70m rope, hiked back down to the base. We stowed our jackets in the car and grabbed snacks and water. The advantage of parking 30 seconds walk from the base can’t be understated. It’s the best I’ve found anywhere over here.

After our short break, we headed back by which time several more groups had appeared. Luckily, Adolf-Niklas-Gedanken-Weg was clear and we headed up. It features a huge crack/dihedral combo and the first pitch is nearly 50 meters long. The first pitch is a lot of fun although just before the belay, the last two meters or so are super polished suddenly and very slippery. The rest of it features plenty of fun stemming and easy climbing. The belay is roomy and with excellent views of the river valley. The second pitch traverses upwards and left for 2/3’s of the way making it easy to get lost or take the wrong route. Luckily, my friend who led found the way the first time.

Next time you’re in Donautal and especially when Stuhlfels is busy, head on down to Aussichtsfels.



Prepping for Donautal

Prepping for Donautal

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Dont want to count my chickens before they hatch but I should be in Donautal tomorrow and doing some mulitpitch at Aussichtsfels finally! A friend offered and the weather should be good so here’s hoping for some last minute luck.


climbing gear preparation for donautal

Crag Info: Aussichtsfels Climbing!

Crag Info: Aussichtsfels Climbing!

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Located near the town of Inzigkofen in the Upper Danube valley (Donautal in German), Aussichtsfels is easy to reach, offers climbs for every level from your first multipitch to tough moderates and can be reached in about 1 minute from the parking area! It deserves a place on your list if you’re in the area. Luckily, I got to drop by recently while camping nearby and can’t wait to come back for a climb.

Aussichtsfels Climbing Overvew:

  • Height: up to 80m
  • Routes: ~30
  • Grades: Good mix of easy, moderate and hard
  • Rock: Limestone
  • Distance from Stuttgart: 1hr 20min min
  • Approach: 1 minute, car to crag
  • Protection: Mostly newish bolts in good shape
  • Walk off: Yes, or rap
  • Guidebook: Kletterf├╝hrer Donautal
  • Family friendly: Yes! Flat, easy safe base with 1min approach!

Aussichtsfels: Getting there & Approach

From Stuttgart, head towards either Hausen im Tal or Signmaringen. Doesn’t make a huge difference which variation you choose in terms of driving time and distance.

From Sigmaringen, head towards Inzigkofen on the 313 and about 700 meters or so after the seemingly non-functional Bahnhof, there’s a large designated parking area on the right hand side (with signs alerting you to it about 200m in advance). Pull off there and park as near to the other end as you can where the crag is. That’s Aussichtsfels. Uou can literally park at the base and walk to the rock in 30 seconds. Worst case you’re walking 1 minute from the parking lot which also has a picnic table and fire pit to chill at afterwards.

Coming from Hausen im Tal, it’s a ~10-15minute drive eastwards. The parking is easy to miss but if you do, you’ll see the old Inzkofen train station on your right where you can turn around and head right back. Note that even though you’ll see a little unpaved road between the official parking and the Inzigkofen Bahnhof, ignore it. The parking area is well signed and big. No way to mistake it.

Aussichtsfels Crag Details

Aussichtsfels (View Crag, as in a good view) is another large limestone crag along the Danube Valley. It has a number of two pitch climbs, both very easy and moderate making it a popular choice. Above all, it’s located right at the end of a nice parking/pull off area meaning no bushwhacking, uphill hike or wrong turns. It’s impossible to miss.

You can also either walk off or rap down which can be important for new multipitch climbers. The rap station requires a 70m rope though although if there’s nobody else around, you could rap back down over the route too. Walk off is faster though.

As its name says, it provides great views from the wall, as most in the area do and really shines for plasir, or Genussklettern (pleasure climbing) as they say in German. There’s a good dozen or so moderate climbs too so it’s not just for noobs, with something for everyone. If Stuhlfels is too busy, definitly consider here or ideally do both!

Pictures: Climbing in Aussichtsfels