Sunday Outdoor climbing

Sunday Outdoor climbing

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This past Sunday I had an unexpected window of free time and good weather, a combination hard to pass up. So I texted a friend and we hit the outdoor section of the gym. Did 6-, 5+, 6, 7-, 7+.

Had to cheat on one hold of the 7+ getting over the ledge. But watching a friend do it, looks like I needed to move my right foot up a bit. I’ll definitely repeat the route next time anyway as it’s probably the most fun one there. After that you’re horizontal most for 2 more bolts until the anchors. Super super fun and luckily my partner agreed to clean. To be fair though, I’d downgrade it to 7 or 7-. See second picture.


DAV Kletterzentrum Waldau AussenbereichMy favorite 7+

Route follows red line. Another view (with snow) here.

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