Radolfzell Bouldering Competition & Youth Climbing Culture

Radolfzell Bouldering Competition & Youth Climbing Culture

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I’m posting this both as news and for cultural purposes. Compared to its counterparts abroad like the American Alpine Club, the German DAV is more widespread, well organized and advanced/omnipresent. An example is this upcoming youth event in Radolfzell, on the western end of Lake Constance (Bodensee). It is an overnight bouldering competition followed by a party sponsored by the Jugend DAV (Youth DAV). With a huge number of youth climbing groups, teams and competition, this is nothing unusual.

Youth Climbing Culture in the US vs Germany

I’m not familiar with equivalent organizations or events in the US. But that may be because I grew up in a flat part of the country, a good 5 hour drive from anything that could pass as a mountain. In America, sports like football, basketball and baseball are firmly anchored in society and offer many teams and events for young people. But America’s much broader geography means climbing isn’t a standard sport. Just as one wouldn’t think twice about a little league team, the same goes in Germany for youth climbing.

My impression of Germany is that far more people have at least tried climbing as a child and/or are familiar with it. Being a smaller country with many mountains and climbing opportunities nearby, climbing occupies a higher rank among country’s standard sports than in the United States. It’s comparable to¬† Colorado where geography has similarly led to it having a disproportionately greater cultural impact than other activities.

Radolfzell Bouldering Night & Party

So, on the off chance you’re a “youth” and looking to boulder, here’s the ad from my gym. Entrance starts at 18:00 on March 11th 2017. Cost is 15 EUR which includes entrance, food and sleepover)


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