New Dead Hang Best

New Dead Hang Best

While my regular gym runs the July fitness challenge for best dead hang time, I’m hoping to either win or at least see what my best time is. Last time I hit third place with 1min 50 seconds which dropped to 5th since then. Yesterday I gave it another go and hit 2 minutes 24 seconds, putting me in 2nd place. Yet, shockingly first is still 2:44.

The requirements are palms out, a bit broader than shoulder width apart, fairly simple. I’ve been doing it bare handed and my point of failure ends up being hand pain, not actually muscles or tendons giving. Surprisingly, using gloves is allowed so I may give that a shot next time. May be against climbing rules though =)

Hinterstein Bouldering: A Gem of Allgau

Hinterstein Bouldering: A Gem of Allgau

For those living in southern Germany, bouldering can be hard to find. The only real options in the southwest are Odenwald and Allgau with some unofficial options near Calw. I recently managed to finally visit one of the largest ones in Allgau. One of the largest areas is made up of a huge boulder field on the slope of a mountain.

Hinterstein Bouldering Overvew:

  • Boulder Problems: ~700!!!
  • Grades: Good mix of easy, moderate and hard
  • Rock: Dolomite and marl
  • Approach: 15 minutes, car to crag on an even well maintained path
  • Landings: Pretty much all bad. Bring multiple, thick crashpads
  • Guidebook: Allgäu-Block: Bouldertopo Allgäu – Lechtal
  • Family friendly: Sort of. The approach can be done with a stroller even. But then it’s all scrambling. If you’ve got kids ~8 and older who you dont mind climbing around the talus, then it’s ok. Definitely out for smaller ones.

Where to stay

For Hinterstein, Sonthofen is the closest “large” town and a great base for seeing the area. The best bases for general allgau climbing and bouldering are Sonthofen and Oberstdorf. Immenstadt also makes a great choice and has many family-friendly activities too.

Hinterstein: Getting there & Approach

Point your GPS/Google Maps/Waze towards the tiny village of “Hinterstein” which is after Bad Hindelang. Drive directly through the village on the one main rode until you reach a “big” parking area with a public bus stop. You can’t drive further anyway =) Park here and don’t forget to pay. It’s about 4 EUR for the day.

Bouldering Field Details & Problems

There are approximately 700 different problems split across several fields. The main area, from the hiking trail up the talus slops is called Hauptfeld (main field) and split into the lower and upper fields. Moreover, the surrounding forest also contains several fields (Upper, middle and lower) with even more.

With far too many problems to list and the need for a bird’s eye view, I have to recommend just buying the book Allgäu-Block: Bouldertopo Allgäu – Lechtal. It’s available in German and has limited English translations in it, though extremely poorly translated. But the maps and grades speak for themselves.

Some more pictures and detail is available here (written by the book’s authors) but only in German.

Photos: Hinterstein Bouldering

Hangtime Challenge at my local (regular) gym

Hangtime Challenge at my local (regular) gym

Since I can’t get to the climbing gym as often as I’d like, I also go to a “regular” gym on my lunch breaks 3-4 times a week. Every month they have some fitness challenge and until now I’ve never imagined myself having a change. But this month it’s hangtime! That’s right, just hanging, palms facing away as long as possible.

My first try was 1 minute 50 seconds but I’m sure I can make it longer.

The current leader is at 2 minutes 6 seconds and second place at 1 minute 55 seconds. Will try a few more times as the month goes on.

What’s your best time for a dead hang?