Metolius rocks!

Metolius rocks!

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I recently contacted Metolius with a few questions about reslinging.

  1. Do they resling in Europe?
  2. Does shipping from here to the US make any sense?
  3. If not, how long is the normal time because I’d have to do it while visiting
  4. Could they give me longer extendable slings (like dmm’s etc)?
  5. How about some free stickers?

Their answers were: 1. No reslinging in Europe 2. Shipping is a bad idea cost wise 3. 2 weeks or so but they could expedite under the circumstances. 4. Sadly no, because as they dont offer that option as a product, they aren’t certified to do the work 5. well, the image speaks for itself.

Here’s hoping they start selling cams over here and reslinging them as well. Just hope they don’t do it in Switzerland (like Arc’teryx does for all repair work).

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