Photo: Kletterzentrum Stuttgart in Waldau, in Winter

Photo: Kletterzentrum Stuttgart in Waldau, in Winter

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Here’s a recent snap of the Kletterzentrum Stuttgart in Waldau. Their outdoor area features this unique, modern art-esque concrete structure as well as a regular wall on the outside of the building.  The concrete structure features both bolt on holds as well as pockets and other features directly in the concrete.  In total, there’s 1,087 m² (11,700 ft²) of climbing area outside.

Other features:

There is also a speed climbing wall and a slackline setup. For families, it also features a full playground with swings, slides, a sandbox and more. Being Germany, it of course also has several beer garden type tables, picnic tables and a grill. As you see, none of it looks particularly inviting this time of year, but allegedly spring is right around the corner.


Kletterzentrum Stuttgart Waldau in Winter

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