Guide to Germany

Guide to Germany

Over time, we’ll be creating an overall guide for those moving to Germany. This will include steps to take, recommended guidebooks in English and German, climbing organizations and more. Unfortunately, few guidebooks are available in English,  particularly when it comes to local, internationally-unknown areas.


Panico Alpenverlag, based near Stuttgart, is probably the best guidebook publisher. Their books are only in German but probably the highest-quality you’ll find and cover nearly the entire country.

Gebro Verlag , two brothers based in Allgäu, publishes a number of titles that are bilingual. However, the English quality is iffy and not all of the text is translated, just portions.

Mountainproject has an excellent list though again, they are nearly all in German only.

Where to buy gear in Germany:

Links to further resources on climbing:

Language is noted in parentheses as (EN) or (DE):

  • Klettern Magazin (DE) – The German version of Climbing magazine. Same format, same type of content, same pros/cons as the English version. Good for learning German.
  • Der Klemmkeil (DE) – a magazine about climbing in northern Germany, put out by IG-Klettern twice a year.
  • Deutscher Alpenverein (DE) – German Alpine Club’s main website, small portions in English
  • DAV Panorama (DE) – DAV’s magazine about mountain sports in general
  • (DE) – Well known site with articles, videos, info etc. about climbing in Germany
  • Kletterszene (DE) – Climbing news, articles, photos/videos etc focusing on Germany.