Crag Info: Oelaenderle Climbing in Nagoldtal

Crag Info: Oelaenderle Climbing in Nagoldtal

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Located just south of Calw in a neighborhood of the same name, Oelaenderle is a popular former sandstone quarry in the Black Forest and now climbing crag with an easy approach. There are lots of moderate climbs here and around 6 or so easy ones but above all it’s easy to get to and family friendly making it a great destination. The rock is buntsandstein, so totally different from nearby crags like Kentheim in both rock type and style of climbing. Some holds are drilled but its mostly as it was left when the quarrying was finished. Moreover, it’s just a few minute drive from several other crags making it easy do some Kentheim climbing and then try other places.

Oelaenderle Climbing Overvew:

  • Height:  20 meters
  • Routes: 27
  • Grades: Good mix of easy and moderate, a few hard ones
  • Rock: Weathered sandstone
  • Distance from Stuttgart: 45 min
  • Approach: 5 minutes, car to crag
  • Protection: Mostly newish bolts in good shape
  • Walk off: No
  • Guidebook: Kletterführer Schwarzwald Nord
  • Family friendly: Yes! Excellent overall!

Oelaenderle: Getting there & Approach

Head to Calw from wherever you are and take the B63 south to the area of town called Oelaenderle. It’s just a minute or two south of the center. Turn in and head right to teh small parking area after the little building. Then walk back the way you come, passing where you turned in and then heading up the path on the right. When you see the first sign, head left a few seconds and take the uphill path (not the one that stays level). The crag is just a minute or two from there, overall also a 5-10 min approach max. If you’re driving from Kentheim, it’s maybe 10-15 minutes from leaving one to standing at the other.

Oelaenderle Crag Details

Oelaenderle is a former buntsandstein quarry that was taken over by local climbers who saw the potential. And as soon as you walk up to it, you’ll see the same. Being buntsandstein and with lots of cracks and varied features, it’s very different from nearby crags and itself offers plenty of different climbing types in once place. It gets lots of shade making it a great summer desination and has a huge, flat area around the base with space for a fire and lots of room for kids to run around, or you to throw down a picnic blanket or tent. It’s a great area to just chill for the day and climb.  It’s also one of the best family friendly crags <1hr from Stuttgart.  There are enough climbs at all levels to keep you busy but you can’t top out and there’s no good way to top rope so make sure you or your partner can lead.

Pictures: Climbing in Oelaenderle

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