Crag Info: Hessigheimer Felsengaerten

Crag Info: Hessigheimer Felsengaerten

After many a wasted weekend doing housework, I decided to make a quick run to Hessigheimer Felsengaerten. I didn’t have time to climb and had to bring my four year old who was not happy about it. But, having been here nearly two years now, I still hadn’t visited a crag so near to Stuttgart despite having been to the Klettergarten Stetten several times. The main reason is that living in the southern part of town, it’s actually quicker for me to head to Bad Urach or the rest of the Swabian Alb. But it was time to finally check it off my list.

  • Height:  5 to 15 meters
  • Routes: 147
  • Grades: Good mix of easy and moderate, a few toughies too
  • Rock: Limestone (Muschelkalk)
  • Distance from Stuttgart: 30-45min
  • Approach: 15 mostly even, short downhill section
  • Protection: Mostly newish bolts in good shape
  • Walk off: No
  • Guidebook: Stuttgart Rockt!
  • Family friendly: Yes! (but not for strollers)

Hessigheimer Felsengaerten: Getting There

You could drive through town, but the quickest way is generally to take the A81 north and get off at the exit for “Mundelsheim” from which it’s only a few kilometers. The crag is listed in both Google Maps and Waze so just enter it in and choose the “Im Fetzer” parking lot, which is probably the one it is set to anyway (for Waze it is). You’ll end up driving through vineyards – as usual around Stuttgart – and on some country roads but keep going until you reach the parking lot. There are plenty of signs for it.

Hessigheimer Felsengaerten: Approach

From “Im Fetzer” it’s just about 0.5km to the crag. In fact, after parking, find the hiking sign and then just walk straight. It’ll take you down through the vineyards, past the Bergwachthuette (rescue hut) and then downhill to the crag. Up until the downhill section the approach is stroller friendly. The short downhill part is well maintained, not that steep and easy to do, just not with a stroller. But it’s totally fine for small kids who can walk. Once the initial downhill part ends and you reach an intersection (and you can begin to see the river below), turn left for about 30 seconds and then head right downhill towards the rock.

Hessigheimer Felsengaerten: Crag Overview

Surrounded by vineyards with the Neckar river snaking by below, Hessigheimer Felsengaerten couldn’t be in a nicer area. Local Swabians have been climbing in this area for nearly a hundred years by some accounts and it counts as Stuttgart’s home crag. Given it’s short distance from the city, it’s relatively popular, particularly in summer when the temperatures are high. There are more than enough routes for everyone with nearly 150 and a great mix of grades. The approach is pretty easy making it an all around favorite destination for locals. That being said, it doesn’t warrant a visit from far away unlike other areas such as Battert or Donautal which are worth visiting from out of town. But if you’re looking for a change from Stetten but something still nearby and famiyl friendly, this is a good option.

Hessigheimer Felsengaerten: Pictures


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