Gear: Belaggles Review – Belay Glasses

Gear: Belaggles Review – Belay Glasses

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Several years ago while taking a lead climbing class at Franklin Gorge, West Virginia, my instructor pulled out a thick pair of pink glasses. He didn’t seem to mind the color, size and spoke very highly of them. Being intrigued by the concept of belay glasses, we all took turns trying them on. I was sold instantly. Not long thereafter I picked up a pair of my own Belaggles, albeit in blue not pink. So here is my Belaggles review.

Belay Glasses: Belaggles Review

Nowadays, belay glasses have proliferated. Here in Germany, at least every second climber has them at my gym. Yet, Belaggles are not very common. Instead, most people seem to have CU’s which lack a hand carrying case.

After owning a pair for several years now, they are permanently attached to my harness for the gym and single pitch crags

The only time I do have the typical belayer’s neck is on multipitch where I leave them behind because they aren’t absolutely necessary and I dont need the extra weight. If you have never tried belay glasses, nothing I write will match the instant “lightbulb” moment of trying them once and feeling the difference. While there are different styles, shapes and weights, the benefits are clear as soon as you try them.

With several other styles on the market, you may ask what makes them different.

  1. Size & Weight – Yes, they are a bit bulkier and heavier than others, but more durable and don’t easily slide around while belaying
  2. Color – More options if that stuff matters to you
  3. Carrying Case – Unlike some Euro brands, they come with a softcase that you can clip to your harness. This is hugely practical!

Get Your Own Belaggles!

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