Back from Lake Garda with an Arco visit

Back from Lake Garda with an Arco visit

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My 7 night trip to Lake Garda (Gardasee) is over and I’m back in Stuttgart. Luckily, despite the cool weather in Italy (but sunny!), we missed the drastic temperature drop and snow here. While I did not do any climbing in Italy, as I expected, I did take a short day trip to Arco, Italy’s infamous climbing hotspot.

There were dozens of climbing shops lining the old town, almost as numerous as German tourists. There were some good rope deals I saw but otherwise everything seemed priced pretty similarly to if I’d bought it online in Germany from Bergfreunde or Bergzeit. There dozens and dozens of crags, realy an insane amount of climbing all in the area. If you’re willing to drive an hour, then the opportunities move to near uncountable.

For English, the go-to climbing guide is Arco Walls, which you can also find at any shop there. In German, your best bets are Klettern in Arco and Arco Plaisir (which has pleasure/easy climbs). Without further ado, here are some pics.


Arco, Italy: The Photos


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