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Alpsee Block – Allgau Bouldering at Buehl am Alpsee

Alpsee Block – Allgau Bouldering at Buehl am Alpsee

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Just outside of Immenstadt are two lakes, known as Grosser Alpsee and Kleiner Alpsee and a tiny suburb known as Buehl am Alpsee. On the shore of the larger lake, a range of family friendly activities await including mini golf, restaurants, a great playground and a large out-of-place boulder.

Alpsee Block Bouldering near Immenstadt

According to the best guidebook for bouldering in Allgau, Allgau Block, this 110 ton boulder was cut in two, transported to its current location and then put back together as a unique attraction for climbers and families alike.

To be clear, it’s just a single large boulder. But if you’re already in the area, it’s a great place to get in a bit of pebble wrestling and then walk 30 seconds to grab some ice cream and sit by the lake. Pictures at the bottom.

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Back to Allgau, this time with Bouldering!

Back to Allgau, this time with Bouldering!

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I’m currently back in Allgau, the region I think all of Germany should be like. Granted, it’s the type of landscape and culture that most Americans associate with Germany anyway.

I’m staying in Sonthofen in a fantastic Ferienwohnung and managed to explore one of the largest bouldering areas in Allgau today, Hinterstein. I’ll do a full writeup once I return. In the meantime, here’s a peek:


hinterstein bouldering in allgau germany
The base of the bouldering field
A Sunny Sunday Visit to Klettergarten Stetten

A Sunny Sunday Visit to Klettergarten Stetten

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With the weather at high of 22C today, we headed for our favorite family crag: Klettergarten Stetten. This time, I invited a friend and his family who’d recently bought a car and were now able to join. They jumped on the offer and off we went.

Stetten is our usual first choice for family climbing, followed by Wiesfels southeast of Stuttgart. It offers easy UIAA 3 climbs, easy top rope setup and is only 8 meters high. Plus, the sandstone is to die for. I only wish the Schwaebische Alb had such great rock quality.

Kids Climbing Gear

For anyone with kids, I highly recommend picking up Petzl’s Macchu kids climbing harness along with the separate chest harness. More cautious kids can always optionally use the chest version but since they’re not connected, they can grow right into a standard waist harness without you having to get a new one.

The Perils of Finding Saengerheim and the Klettergarten!

Unfortunately, getting there isn’t always easy since you end up driving uphill through the vineyards on roads where it looks like you shouldn’t. The signage is also poor and I made sure to stop and send him pics at several turns. Unfortunately, he fell for the “GPS told me so” trap and decided to park elsewhere. So over an hour later, they finally showed up after some wrong turns in the woods with toddlers in tow and picnic gear.

For good instructions, albeit minus the pics and of course all necessary topo, pick up a copy of the guidebook for Stetten, Stuttgart Rockt!

Kletergarten Stetten Driving Directions & Climbing Pictures