Allgau over Easter: Visiting the Alpinmuseum Kempten

Allgau over Easter: Visiting the Alpinmuseum Kempten

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For this year’s Easter vacation, we decided to head to Allgau for four nights. This region of southern Germany where the Alps begins, is best  known outside of Germany for being home to Neuschwanstein castle. Based in Pfronten, we explored the surrounding area including the Alpin-Museum (Alpine museum) in Kempten.

Alpin-Museum Overview & Information:

Opening Times:

Dienstag bis Sonntag:
10.00 – 16.00 Uhr


Landwehrstraße 4
87439 Kempten (Allgäu)

No visit to Allgau would be complete without some mountain related activites. The day before we’d visited Breitenberg and decided for a day trip to Kempten when the weather wasn’t looking so hot. Being at the foot of the Alps, Allgau is a dream come true for climbers and skiiers and of course home to a museum dedicate to exactly that. It features the cultural and geological history of the Alps on the first two floors with the topmost being reserved for climbing and skiing.

I have to admit having little interest in ancient artifacts and trade routes despite being generally interested in history. As a climber though, the mountaineering and sport climbing sections were my main target. They featured a range of exhibits on the history of mountaineering in the Alps including the development of tourism and creation of mountain guides through the first ascents of famous mountains such as the Matterhorn in Switzerland .Finally, it touched on modern sport climbing including a range of super neat old gear from ancient pitons and ice screws to some of the first cams.

Alpin-Museum Kempten: Pictures

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