Welcome to Climb Germany, a website about well….climbing in Germany!

The Mission:

Provide quality, usable information in English on climbing in Germany. This includes cultural differences, language and vocabulary help, gyms, news and events.

Bias & Perspective

As the author is American, there will be a US-perspective on things (e.g. cultural differences). If you’re from another country and have something to add from another point of view, fantastic! Just contact us! Guest posts are always welcome. Regarding gear reviews, since we don’t have any sweet pro-deals, the focus will be on what we own/owned so, we’ll admit up front to being an Arc’teryx, Petzl and Tenaya fanboy. =)


Given the physical location of the author (i.e. Baden-Württemberg), there will be a disproportionate amount of  first-hand material about that region. This means more focus on rock vs say ice which is near non-existent here.  As guest posts and additional authors are added, this will change. Above all, if you have questions about something that’s not here, just contact us for help!

Money, Ads, Affiliate stuff

This blog is a personal blog. We don’t do “native ads” or receive compensation for positive mentions/reviews. However, we would totally accept and keep free stuff like gear, services, travel, etc. from companies and organizations in exchange for honest reviews. ClimbGermany believes in transparency. So in the incredibly cool event of us actually receiving something, it will be clearly identified as such. But hey, so far we aren’t that lucky. The goal is of course to cover hosting and domain costs, basically the admin costs of site vs paying the author(s).

The Author:

The author has been living on and off in Germany for the past 17 years, speaking English, German and even a little Swabian. Having started climbing in the US, he did extensive research before returning. Luckily, speaking German unlocks near endless amounts of climbing information.

But for those lacking the language skills and without knowledge of the climbing specific jargon and vocab, it can be a challenge. This blog was started to both serve as a resource in English for fellow expats and tourists as well as let others know about the awesome outdoor opportunities here, not just the famous ones.


author climbing in germany at Stuhlfels
The author climbing in Germany at Stuhlfels